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Please direct any questions or feedback about Conductance and/or StratifiedJS to the StratifiedJS Google Group. This group is regularly monitored by the Conductance developers who will be happy to assist you with your problems. Announcements about new Conductance/StratifiedJS versions will also be posted to this group.

Please tag questions on Stackoverflow with 'sjs' and/or 'conductance'.

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Conductance and StratifiedJS are developed on GitHub. You can get involved by forking a project, opening issues or submitting pull requests. Or you can just track the latest changes as they happen:

Latest news

26 September, 2014

We've just released Conductance 0.5, Stratifiedjs 0.19 and an important Conductance security fix - see blog for details:

5 August, 2014

+Tim Cuthbertson originally shared::

Melbournites! I'll be talking at #melbjs next week about #StratifiedJS and #Conductance. Register for free at and come along :)

I'm assuming familiarity with JavaScript, but you don't need to know anything about StratifiedJS before watching the talk.

30 June, 2014

Conductance users: we've just released a security update (v0.4.1). See the blog for details:

22 April, 2014

In case you missed it, here's a video of +Alexander Fritze talking about Stratified JavaScript and Conductance at the mloc.js 2014 conference.

19 March, 2014

"Can't the computer perform this transformation for us?"

Check out +Tim Cuthbertson's blog post that examines in-depth how JavaScript promises relate to StratifiedJS.

13 January, 2014

Announcing Oni Conductance - the next generation JavaScript application server built on StratifiedJS: